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Victoria is a rockstar and she helped me see that I'm a rockstar too. She listens extremely well, empathizes, and helps redirect my thoughts into healthy spaces. She's great at getting me to stay on topic (I'm a wanderer) and she's shared her personal experiences to reassure me that I'm not crazy and that I can be whoever and whatever I want to be. I owe it to myself to now become that person. Thank you, Victoria you've cleared the fog in my head and my heart

Solomon Aborbie

I got so much out of working with Victoria. She was able to highlight what was working and she saw me at my highest potential in a way that inspired bold decisions. I always finished my sessions with a course of action that was simple, but effective. My sessions lead to sustainable habit changes that were very needed to face the challenges of quarantine. Victoria’s ability to listen deeply and guide a conversation towards insight was something I looked forward to every week.  Would definitely recommend!

Brandon Rumaker

My success in being able to be honest and vulnerable with myself through tough conversations is due in majority to Victoria.  She is an excellent listener, patient and compassionate, yet direct in her strategy.  As I made progress or got stuck, she would pivot and adapt. As I implement the tools, thought patterns, and perspectives learned, my life has noticeably shifted to a life I am now joyful about living. I'm forever grateful to have been able to work with her

Chelsea O'Sello

Victoria's coaching really helps shift old paradigms, and puts you in the driving seat of your life, with an empathetic approach that is tailored to your needs. She facilitates actionable steps that you can take towards your goals, and a more open sense of being that allows positivity to flow into your life. I cannot thank her enough for the time we spent working together. It really helped shift my outlook."

Tatenda Mbudzi

Victoria is inspiring and brings a fresh perspective that comes from the heart. She approaches this with a lot of love and authenticity. She’s helped me stay accountable to myself and see the bigger possibilities for my life.

Michan Fiore

I was well coached by Victoria. I felt heard and supported in each session with her. She was wonderful at listening closely to what I would say and would repeat it back to me. This was the most powerful tool for me in my relationship with her. Often, when she would say things to me, her words resonated well. I would comment to her that what she said really hit home for me and her reply was always, “these are your words, I am just repeating them back to you.” Very attentive, present and solid in her skills and communications.

Jennifer Simard

Victoria is an excellent coach. She helped me start and stick to wonderful new habits that are important steps towards larger life goals. Victoria is a great listener, asks impactful questions, and has creative ideas. We focused my efforts effectively and developed clear plans forward. Her warmth and acceptance made sessions effortlessly enjoyable. With Victoria’s guidance I’m living a more authentic and balanced life, which I am very grateful for.

Mark Bouslog

The coaching experience with Victoria has been terrific! Victoria has allowed me to understand my strengths and areas of improvement. I am impressed by how well Victoria has been able to get me to understand myself better by asking me appropriate and strategic questions. Victoria has allowed me to see for myself how and why I do certain things. The self-awareness and feedback Victoria has provided me has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally from improving my communication skills to gaining a better work-life balance. My expectations have been exceeded with Victoria.

Riley J.

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